How to Create Powerful & Authority Backlinks Properly

Categories: SEO | Posted on Aug 23, 2015

Today you will learn:

– What is the Meaning of Backlink?
– What exact Steps you need to do before Creating your backlinks
– How to Create your First Backlink
– How to create a Time Table for Backlinks
– How to Track indexing of Backlinks


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Authority Website

wikipedia - 1 backlink is greater 1000 spammy

Check is your website index or not?

Note: Don’t include space

Anchor Text Distribution

Money Keyword, Target Keyword, Goal: Make Money Online

1% - Main Anchor Text(Money Keyword)
9%- LongTails Anchors(How to Make money online)
20% - Brand Achors( iamfaizan, iamfaizandotcom)
20% - Naked URLs( )
50% - Generic Anchors(Click here, read more…)


Authority Backlinks

Web 2.0(Blogspot, Squidoo, Tumblr,
Article Submission
Press Release

Web 2.0(Blogspot) Backlink
1 unique article(500 words minimum)
New Email Account
New Details
Different Username on each Property

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