List Building & EMail Marketing

Categories: Webinars | Posted on Sep 17, 2015

Today you will learn:

– Targeted Audience
– How to Grow your List on Specific Topic?
– Offer Something Free, Something Hot, Something Unique
– Email Marketing Plan / Strategy


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List Building & E-Mail Marketing

Targeted Audience should be our Main Goal

Internet Marketer

How to Grow your List on Specific Topic?

- Offer Something Free
- Something Hot
- Something Unique

Weight Loss Product Promote

You need to Create a Website or Landing Page or Offer Page or Opt-In Page…
Domain Name Should be Short One... - Recommended
Offer Something Unique (A PDF File, A helpful video)

WP Profit Builder
- $200 - $65 - Multi License
- 50+ Themes for Internet Marketers

WordPress - Front End
- WP Profit Builder
- 1 PDF File

Email Marketing Plan / Strategy
- We have 4 weeks in a Month
- Build more trust in your subscriber’s mind
- 4th week you have to send a promotional email related to your product

Lets suppose we have
-100 Subscribers
- $19 Price

If 5% will buy the Product - 5x$19 = $95 - 9500/- pkr




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