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By watching these urdu blog/website training videos, you can start an urdu blog or website Today. Don’t ignore the Power of Urdu Language because it is our National Language. You can write an Article, Story or News easily.

Right after watching videos, take action and Start work on it.

Urdu Blog Training – اردو بلاگ ٹریننگ – Day


Watch it on YouTube

Text used in this Video

- Windows 7/8 or 8.1

How to Install Urdu Language Support
- Control Panel >>> Search Language >>> Click on Add a Language

Install Phonetic Keyboard in Windows 7/8 or 8.1

After installing this Software Restart

Phonetic Keyboard Layout for Printing


Keyword Research

Searches related to urdu

urdu shayari - 12,100 in Pakistan

urdu novels - 49,500 in Pakistan

famous urdu novels - 14,800 in Pakistan

bbc urdu

urdu shayari

urdu to english

urdu translation

urdu poetry

urdu books

urdu names

15 keywords
25 keywords
50 keywords
100 keywords


Urdu Blog Training – اردو بلاگ ٹریننگ – Day 2


Watch it on YouTube

Text used in this Video


news in urdu

express news urdu

latest news in urdu

sad urdu poetry

name meaning in urdu

Brand Domain


Domain Name Suggestion: http://nametumbler.com/


You can Create 2 type of Urdu Sites

- A-Z Urdu Text
- 50% English Content + 50% Urdu Content

- 500 Words Article + Urdu Text as Image

Convert from InPage to Urdu Unicode text


Urdu Blog Training – اردو بلاگ ٹریننگ – Day 3


Watch it on YouTube

Text used in this Video

Buy a Domain from 1and1.com - $0.99, .com, .net or .org

Buy 1 year hosting from githhost.com, $15 Per Year, namecheap.com $12

DNS(Domain Name Server)

How to Publish your first post on Urdu Website?


Urdu Blog Training – اردو بلاگ ٹریننگ – Day 4 – Last Day


Watch it on YouTube

Text used in this Video

How to Promote our Urdu Blog?

70-80% - Traffic
- Unique Content
- Daily
- Repeat...

14th August 2015 - Why Muslims Celebrate this Day?

Social Media
Facebook, Twitter, SumbleUpon, Reddit, Google+

SEO(Search Engine Optimization)
- Social Signals

On-Page SEO
- Title
- Description 1 time
- Image File Name our targeted keyword

Off-Page SEO
- Link Building( Create Backlinks on Urdu Websites )


- Different Sources to Promote

- HIGH PR Domains (4-5 Backlinks) - aka Guest Posting
- Quick Backlink Method
I just found a new Urdu website with the name "Urdupk.com" I have seen that you have a section for Urdu websites. Include this website so that People can get benefit from it.
- Dmoz.org -  Directory Submission
- Wikipedia.org -
[http://urdu.pk/ Urdu Website]

Anchor Text Distribution
- Urdu Website

- Discussion Forums


How to Earn Money from our Urdu Blog

- Google Adsense ( Get Approval on another Website )
- Contact Directly to Urdu Poets(Urdu Writers)


YouTube Video Ranking

- Do on-page seo(on-video seo)
Title: You should have your target keyword once in your video
Description: Include your target keyword 3-4 times.

- Increase Thumbs Up(Likes)
- Increase Views( Use Proper Tags)
- GET 3-5 comments on your YouTube video
- Create 8-10 Backlinks from Different Sources(SEO)

Baby names in urdu

Tags: (4-5 are enough)
baby names, baby names in urdu, urdu, urdu names


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